Protect Choice

Proposed legislation (SB 1/HB 267) will take away the right to choose your energy supplier. If legislators want to choose your energy supplier, what will they want to choose next?

Oppose SB 1/ HB 267 to protect the power to choose.

In a letter to Governor Moore, industry experts express their deep concerns about SB 1, describing the legislation as anti-consumer, anti-business, and anti-environment.

Click here to learn more about how the legislation will effectively END CHOICE for Maryland electricity and natural gas customers.


More than twenty years ago, Maryland lawmakers passed legislation intended to offer Maryland consumers a wider choice of electricity options.

However, the intent of this legislation was never fully realized. There are more than one hundred licensed retail electricity suppliers serving Maryland energy consumers, but the monopoly utilities still supply 80 percent of residential customers. As a consequence, the system has continued to stifle and undermine consumer choice in electricity – impeding efficiency, service, reliability, transparency, and innovation.

Maryland needs to reform the market to give electricity consumers the right to choose a provider that suits their economic and environmental interests. That’s why the Choose Who You Use coalition was founded.

Choose Who You Use advocates for new reforms that benefit all electricity consumers:

Freedom to Choose

Allows consumers to shop around for the best plans and services for their homes.

Cleaner Energy

Drives innovation and investment in more renewable energy options.


Promotes transparency and access to technologies that give consumers greater control over their energy usage and billing.

Consumer Protections

Provides new consumer protections from high-pressure sales tactics and increases qualifications for suppliers to weed out the bad actors.

Higher Standards for Energy Suppliers

Sets a higher bar for companies to qualify for the privilege to serve essential electric service.

Safety and Reliability

Strengthens and secures our state electricity infrastructure.

Assistance for Consumers Who Need It

Institutes industry-financed special funds to support clean energy and help lower-income families and small businesses.