Senate Bill 1 will End Retail Energy Market For Residential Consumers

Senate Bill 1, which was passed by the Maryland General Assembly and was signed into law later this morning by Governor Wes Moore, jeopardizes the right to choose for the more than 500,000 customers who choose their energy supplier.

Considering Complaints in the Energy and Gas Industries

Consumer complaints are a part of any industry. In Maryland, only 0.02% of electric and gas customers complained about their service. Energy choice means more options, more innovative products, and better service.

It makes no sense to eliminate the competitive electricity market

Eliminating electricity competition won’t help ‘regulate’ the market; it would hitch everyone to the same monopoly wagon. It would be a huge step in the wrong direction, at precisely the wrong time.


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How Regulation Is Empowering Customers

In a competitive market, the real customer—the one paying the energy bill—has the power to hire and fire a provider or choose from various products. This drives innovation and holds companies accountablefor their performance without passing the cost of failures onto consumers.



At The Crossroads: Improving Customer Choice for Products in The U.S. Electricity Sector


States with retail energy choice can easily transition to clean energy and help reduce carbon emissions without relying on taxpayer dollars. Energy choice is good for the environment and the economy.


Voters across the state have spoken – they want energy choice.

A recently released poll of Maryland voters shows 79% of Maryland consumers support energy choice.

Competitive Power Markets are Cleaner, Cheaper and Safer

Competitive markets facilitate the implementation of demand response programs, incentivizing customers to adjust electricity usage during peak periods and alleviating strain on the grid. By fostering innovation, investment and efficient coordination, competitive electric markets play a crucial role in enhancing grid reliability and resilience.


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How Restructuring Electric Markets Can Accelerate the Transition to Cleaner

We cannot afford to maintain out-of-date energy markets that stifle innovation and hold us back from achieving our climate goals. It’s time for states to open their energy markets, level the playing field between utilities and retail suppliers, and unleash the range of products that save customers money and lead to a better, cleaner future.

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The Public Clearly Embraces Marketplace Competition


In essence, the clarion call emanating from the Gonzales poll leaves us with no choice but to champion consumer-focused policies that herald the virtues of competition in the energy market


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Energy companies gear up for fight on electric regulation bill


Armed with new polling data, some of the largest players in the retail energy supply market are prepared to fight the Augustine-Crosby legislation on the basic premise that it takes away consumer choice — and say that’s the very thing Marylanders want.

An Energy Bill from the Company that Supplies Energy – Why it Matters

Supplier Consolidated Billling enables a direct relationship between consumer and supplier – through something as simple as a bill. This critical consumer protection will invite innovation, enhance service, and empower customers.


The Pathway To Maryland’s Clean Energy Goals Runs Through County Offices


Local wind and solar projects can deliver affordable electricity and generate revenue. Renewable energy options help consumers reduce their carbon footprint and the state meet its ambitious energy goals.


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BGE Drops National Ranking in Energy Efficiency, Report Says


2023 Utility Scorecard: BGE drops in national ranking, fails to prioritize efficiency programs for consumers facing financial burden



A Poll on Energy Suppliers


Recent poll numbers show four of five energy consumers in Maryland favor true retain competition, freedom to invest in green energy sources.


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