Dear Fellow Marylander,

When it comes to electricity service, Maryland consumers deserve the freedom to choose our electricity supplier from a wider range of options, with more consumer protections and more innovative energy options.

You may be asking: But doesn’t Maryland already have electricity choice?

Unfortunately, Maryland energy consumers only have partial choice.

More than two decades ago, Maryland lawmakers passed legislation intended to offer consumers in Maryland a wider choice of electricity options.

But the intent of the legislation was never realized, and in the decades since, the system has continued to stifle and undermine consumer choice in electricity companies and plans – impeding efficiency, service, reliability, innovation, and safety.

It’s time to provide real electricity choice to everyone in Maryland. That’s why we’ve joined together to form Choose Who You Use. We support legislation that:

  • Creates more options, including a wider range of state-qualified retail providers competing on service and price.
  • Provides new consumer protections from high-pressure sales tactics and unfair contracts.
  • Strengthens and secures our state electricity infrastructure.
  • Institutes industry-financed special funds to advance clean energy and help lower-income families and small businesses.
  • Promotes transparency and access to technologies that give customers greater control over their energy usage and billing.
  • New policies are needed to empower utilities to focus exclusively on the reliability, security, service, and efficiency of our infrastructure while dedicated, state-qualified retail electricity providers supply the widest range of options and pricing plans to consumers.

We look forward to a future where everyone in Maryland can count on reliable and innovative choices for their electricity service that will help the state meet its ambitious climate goals.

If you agree with us, please join our coalition. It will allow us to keep you updated on our efforts to improve the quality and choice of electricity for every consumer across Maryland.


Choose Who You Use Maryland